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"Start your day with a little scientific discovery"

New Year New Challenge

We’ve teamed up with Olympic swimmer, Jazz Carlin, to help four people learn to swim. These lucky people will be selected by Jazz Carlin to put on their goggles and embark on this once in a lifetime challenge!  Find out more here.

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Science Hack

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Keep potatoes fresher for longer - Place an apple in with your potatoes - the ethylene gas it produces will prevent your spuds from sprouting.


Science Bite

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Did you know?
50% of the power in your hand comes from your little finger!  #ScienceNotMagic.


The Yakult Digest

Your new winter Digest is out now.  Bursting with our latest news and views, science and sports also our fun crossword competition - download your copy here!  


Yakult boldly going ...

Yakult and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will start an experimental project in 2017 to examine how bacteria work on human health in outer space. Crew members of the International Space Station will consume capsules of Lactobacillus casei Shirota, Yakult’s unique bacteria that is found in their fermented milk drinks.  In outer space, bacteria levels in the body are believed to change; this is seen as a challenge which needs to be researched for extended future space travel.


Christmas Competition Winners

Congratulations to our seven lucky winners who each won a magical Yakult gift box.  We had some fantastic entries into this years' competition, below are the winning pictures. 

See what we're up to!

Why not come and meet out friendly team and find out about everything Yakult?  Check back soon to see what exciting events we've got coming up in 2018!

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  • Science not magic! 15s TVC

    Science not magic! 15" TVC


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