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Weekend wonders

Make the most of the longer lighter days - give yourself a boost and dust yourself off! Read our Yakult step into summer tick list.

  • Lose yourself at a local market - apart from the delights of the weird and wonderful, you’ll be clocking up the steps without realising it.
  • Go to a festival – dance like no one is watching and invigorate the senses.
  • Get cultural – visit museums, science fairs galore and come Monday you’ll be able to impress your colleagues.
  • Eat outdoors – take your evening meal into your garden or nearest park and dine alfresco!
  • Pick your own fruit – pick seasonal produce directly from the farm. You’ll get some exercise and feel smug about reducing your carbon foot print.
  • Outdoor theatre – soak up both culture and the sun.
  • Get green fingers – see our cheats sheet to help you work towards self-sufficiency and a taste of the good life - bring back Tom and Barbara!
  • Stroll or cycle along a canal – stop for a treat in a café or pub along the way.
  • Find your closest beach – living on an island the sea is never that far.
  • Smell the roses – there are plenty of gardens up and down the country.
  • Go boating – read Keats or just float to relax and soak up that vitamin D.

Design a towel competition

Design a towel competition

Enter our design a towel competition here!

Easy green fingers

Olive Oil

We love growing our own and it’s amazing what can be harvested in small spaces, from tiny windowsills to beautiful hanging baskets.. It’s never too late - here’s our cheat sheet to help get you started!

Rocket – for speed

Rocket gives a much-needed peppery kick to everyday salads and it’s super easy to grow. A packet of seeds, available at garden centres and sewn in either pots, planters or the ground, should result in little gems on your plate within three weeks!

Tomatoes – grow abundance

Dwarf varieties of tomatoes are readily available and can easily be grown in pots, hanging baskets or grow bags. Choose the right variety and you’ll soon be enjoying the delights of this popular fruit.

Peas – it’s easy peasy

The right variety of peas can easily be grown without much attention - keep them well watered and in full sun if possible and reap the rewards of the sweetest of peas.

Microgreens – for tiny pots

Microgreens are small greens that pack a powerful nutritional punch. Super easy to grow on window sills with a high yield and can be harvested whilst still young. Try broccoli, kale or spinach varieties. Brilliant for introducing children to grow-your-own as the harvest is usually 7-10 days.

Strawberries – pick your own/locally grown

Nothing tastes more like summer than strawberries - another good plant for pots and hanging baskets as strawberries have shallow roots. There are many different varieties available, just make sure to water well to avoid them drying out.

Radishes – for colour and crunch

Packing a discreet punch, radishes are very quick growing and can easily be grown in pots.

String Beans – for all climates

Ideal for hanging baskets as well as planters, string beans trail down over the side for easy picking, just like strawberries.

Herbs – for added flavour

Your very own herb garden is easy to establish on a windowsill, pot or basket – why not try parsley, sage, thyme, mint or to compliment the tomatoes you’ve grown try basil!

Spring Onions – in or out

Another easy to grow salad staple – these too can be grown in pots, greenhouses or even in water on your windowsill.

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